My First Scale 3 Blades Rotor Head without Flybar and No Electronic System is used to stabalize the Vario flybarless scale rotor head. 

Vario Schweizer 300 OS90 3 blades flybarless scale rotor head

Vario Flybarless 3 blades Scale Rotor Head is very good and it can withstand a windy condition, please note the direction of those trees at the background, which were leaning nearly 45 degree to the right hand side due to a forceful wind. 

Vario does not use any Electronic Flybarless stabilizer for their scale rotor heads. Instead they use the elastic damper inside the scale rotor multi-blades head and use the heavy blades and keep the rotor head speed down to 1600 rpm to compensate for the absence of Flybar.(For scale helicopter you do not need a high head speed anyway). The main mast is also 2 degree leaning forward  and you need to put a large heavy battery & a Fuel Tank in front to keep the nose heavier than the tail. .You also need to use the high torque servos to handle the multi-blades.

The helicopter tends to flare up or ballooning more on landing and you need to push the forward cyclic stick to keep the head down during forward flight in order to keep the helicopter going forward. Once you release the forward cyclic, the helicopter will stop going forward, similar to a full size aircraft.   

These scale rotor heads were produced before these latest 3Axis Electronic Gyro Stabilizer for FBL heads were readily available on the market.


Vario schweizer 300 OS90 3 baldes flybarless scale rotor head