Align Trex 600 EFL Pro with 3GX.                                            

22mm length Align metal Servo Arm, 0 Pitch at mid stick during set up, Top pitch is +10, Bottom Pitch is -9.5, Aileron pitch is 8 degree, Hovering pitch at mid stick is +5 degree  Rotor head speed is around 1700rpm, Maximum Dampening of the cyclic pitch at Flight Mode Setting to a beginner & F3C Mode, Acceleration to 0, It flies like a Flybar Head Helicopter, very smooth yet it is still responsive, and I can not tell the difference between the Flybar and FBL head. ALIGN 3GX is fantastic.The rotor head is Align Standard FBL for 550 size head with standard damper O ring which comes with the rotor head. No modification is needed. The 3GX V2.1computer programme has a very clear easy to understand instruction to follow the correct set up procedure. Mind you, I have to do some experiments with the various parameters during set up process to suit my flying style. I love the Trex 600 EFL Pro with 3GX helicopter. 

              My First Test Hover at Park Hall Helicopter Club, Ilkeston, Derby, UK.  6th October 2012. Thanks to Mike Kendall for taking this video for me.