It is my dream to own and fly Tandem Rotor helicopter for a long long time since 1992. Today my dream has come true, thanks to my very good friend Dave's generosity. Recently Dave has built and test flown this brand new Hirobo CH-47 CHINOOK. Unfortunately, during set up, 3 axis gyro from the Tandem clashes with his Zap 14 Futaba Transmitter and helicopter was not enjoyable to fly for him. Dave knows that it is my life long ambition to own and fly Hirobo's CHINOOK and therefore he kindly gave the heli to me with a fraction of the original cost because of our friendship.
Dave is a Senior Aeroplane Engineer and he uses his professional knowledge to build this heli in a very high standard. He likes the best and therefore he uses all the top quaility servos, GV1 Governor and the radio system.
By chance, during set up, we just left the Gyro gains untouched on my Futaba 10C Transmitter. Thanks God!! This heli hovers out of the box with factory set up, extremely stable and I found no difference between single rotor heli and twin rotor Tandem. I have not even seen or flown any of this type of tandem heli, hovering in real life although I have seen many times on the web by other pilots around the world admiring them.
Just ignore the twin rotors and concentrate the nose of the heli and after a minute or two, you will get use to the rotors, infact I started to enjoy seeing both Front and Rear Rotors discs and the sound of these 6 blades is like a nice sweet music for me.
The key for a successful hovering is to make sure that rotor head speed is at least 1600-1700 rpm and the internal belt drive tension is tight, (not more than 3mm movement) so that both front and rear rotor have the same head speed.
I enjoy very much of hovering this beauty and this summer, I will practise to fly around.
Thanks to my close friend Dave, my dream has come true today 1/05/2010.